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Crop/farm compensation services

Often with projects which impacts on large areas of land, the property that are impacted are surveyed, accessed, compensation paid and resettlement undertaken for affected inhabitants where necessary. Surface Mining and Dam Construction activities which are carried out mostly in the inter-lands impacts on the property (crops/farms, Villages/buildings, water sources/wells, etc) of the inhabitants who are mainly farmers. For the smooth take off of such projects the need to accurately survey all individual buildings, farms/fields and capture the crop composition for valuation and compensation purposes cannot be overemphasized.

The main components of the Crop / Farm Compensation Surveys include:

  • Capturing of farmers information and farm attributes
  • Creation of GIS geodatabase with all spacial and attribute information
  • Provision of individual plans and composite plans for farmers and land owners

A-M Surveys provides these services in partnership with our valuation experts. This we have done for our cherished client Newmont Ghana, Asanko Gold, Gryphon minerals (in Burkina Faso) and other Mining companies.