Our Services

Earthworks and Volumetric Analysis

We provide volume calculation of stockpiles, landfills, quarry sites, sand & gravel pits, and other related areas.

We create a digital terrain model (DTM) from collected data. In essence, this is a spatially correct computerized representation of a site. As such, things can be added, overlaid or manipulated and dimensional information can be directly queried. The DTM is thus the starting block for any subsequent design project and can form the base information for many land and industrial GIS applications.

By generating surfaces within the DTM volumetric information can be obtained. Questions concerning quantities such as cut & fill can be answered quickly and accurately. Laborious calculations, traditionally done by hand, can be performed many times at high speeds.

Reasons you need Volumetric Analysis

  • To be able to qualify the amount/volume of work done by the construction company
  • For a more scientific planning
  • It enables the designer to try out more options, giving greater flexibility and ultimately a more cost-effective solution.