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GeoStore is an online portal enabling users to browse a large archive of satellite imagery and geospatial products, to order online and even to task the pleiaded 1A &1B and SOPT 6&7 satellites directly from the desktop. This 24/7 web portal is a unique one stop shop which features the largest online archive of satellite imagery worldwide and an extensive value-added datasets, with new coverage and data being added daily.

GeoStore also enables users to track orders online securely and get real-time information about production steps through a dedicated customer area.

Key features

  • Archive: SPOT1 TO 7 pleiades,
  • TerraSAR-X, SPOTMaps , Elevaton30
  • Instant tasking: Pleiades
  • Tailored tasking: Pleiades 1A&1B, SPOT 6&7
  • Orders: real-time fellow up of orders