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The Go Monitor

Based on unique access to leading-edge satellite imagery and expertise in image analysis, processing and interpretation, GO Monitor delivers reliable and timely surveillance information via automatic e-mail alert, simple and ready-to-use change reports using a secure 24/7 web access.

GO Monitor is developed for professionals who need accurate terrain in information to effectively monitor their activities and to understand the environment in which they operate. GO Monitor Vision is the only global service delivering satellite imagery with a guaranteed revisit frequency for any area of interest worldwide.

GO Monitor Forest also provides unique access to high-quality satellite data from our constellation of satellite and cutting-edge expertise in analysis, processing and interpretation of forest imagery from ONE International. It is the first reliable, standardized environmental monitoring service covering all of the world’s forests. GO Monitor Forest addresses both public and covering all private stakeholders in the forestry sector keen to track and control their activities and to better understand the environment in which they operate.


  • Analysis and interpretation of the observed situation against reference documents
  • Access to a unique constellation of satellite to serve the most demanding requirement
  • Directly usable image analysis report
  • Standard service can be delivered in “zoom” or “panoramic” modes
  • Premium service allows to further exploit images and to enrich and update customer data base e.g. slopes, hydrographical network
  • Custom service: Bespoke forest mapping and monitoring service driven by customer needs, e.g. forest carbon map, health condition, land use & land use change mapping.
  • Analysis of the forest cover and landscape features
  • Change detection: deforestation and degradation, clear cuts, selective logging and thinning, disturbances, etc.
  • Detection of trials, skid trails and any other forest infrastructure
  • Secure 24/7 online accesses