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Oceans are wide and remote; they are a natural field for satellite observation.Maritime traffic and activities are rising with world globalization, sustaining a need of monitoring and controlling these activities. We are in a unique position to provide services in that context:-All weather, different satellite passes time, resolution and swath-from detection up to identification.Geo-intelligence provides the most comprehensive capability of the industry for this application, mixing radar and optical sensor:


  • Detection, classification and identification of ships and other objects on the oceans using radar weather independence and optical high detection capability (optical sensors can detect smaller/wooden/fiber boats).
  • On a wider theatre: huge daily collection and wider swath with spot 6&7 (300*330km) and TeraSAR-X wideScanSAR mode allowing more detection capabilities.
  • More frequently: daily and even intra-daily revisit leveraging all sensors, enabling a situation understanding several times a day.

A-M Surveys provides these services in partnership with our valuation experts. This we have done for our cherished client Newmont Ghana, Asanko Gold, Gryphon minerals (in Burkina Faso) and other Mining companies.