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Oil Spillage Monitoring

Global seep is the world’s leading offshore oil seeping information products to the oil exploration industry. Global seeps is a non-exclusive database of offshore oil slicks, constructed by systematically screening the world’s offshore basins using both archive and newly programmed satellite imagery.

Oil seep information is valuable to oil exploration companies for the detection and monitoring of natural seepage and oil pollution on the ocean’s surface. It is a cost-effective resource for risk-ranking new exploration regions and for baseline oil pollution mapping.


  • Seismic planning and integration
  • Assessing offshore and coastal activities
  • Initial environmental risk assessment, environmental impact statement or full environmental baseline
  • Provision of slick subset images at 25m resolution.
  • Image for planning surface geochemical programs
  • Screening of frontier basins and new licensing grounds

A-M Surveys provides these services in partnership with our valuation experts. This we have done for our cherished client Newmont Ghana, Asanko Gold, Gryphon minerals (in Burkina Faso) and other Mining companies.