Assignment Name: Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Policy for Ghana

Country: Accra, Ghana

Associated Consultants: Astrium GEO Information Services , UK Lead firm (Now Airbus Defence and Space)

Date of Project: March 2013 - August 2013

Narrative Description of Project:

  • To regulate and co-ordinate spatial data capture (capture once, use many times)
  • In the creation, maintenance and sharing of spatial data, leading to interoperability and the benefits of an integrated geo-spatial infrastructure framework for Ghana
  • In creating a legal and governance framework, with sufficient spatial data and using standards within a common ICT architecture
  • The enforcement of data sharing and interoperability between the public and private sector through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept

Actual Services provided:

  • Undertook stakeholder identification and engagement in the form of workshops and interviews
  • Five working groups were formed which met to discussed their subject area
  • Over sixty Stakeholders including Minerals commission, Forestry commission, Lands Commission, Geological Department EPA, etc were engaged
  • Created a Database for Analysis of Information

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