Our Services

Route line and utility location surveys

We provide survey services for the establishment of electrical power lines, water lines, telephone lines, roads etc. We have provided this surveys services for Volta River Authority (VRA) for the extensions of the national Grid (Power) to various communities in Ghana.

We also provide utility location survey i.e. determining the location of utilities in the street and on site, including electric, telephone, and gas. These surveys depict size, depth and pressure of water mains, location of the nearest fire hydrant and size of main, invert elevation of sewers, storm drains and catch basins. They also indicate location and characteristics of power and communications systems above and below grade. For all sub-surface utility lines on the site, they indicate and locate intersections and manholes for the first connection to the off-site system.

For electrification project, the main components include:

  • Setting out and clearing of Right Of Way
  • Topographic Survey on Right Of Way
  • Tower Spotting,
  • Profile Verification,
  • Transmission Line Alignment

The main components for Community Water and Sanitation Project include:

  • Topographic Survey for design of Water System
  • Survey of all existing Boreholes, and other important water sources
  • setting out the locations of the reservoirs, standpipes and pipeline routes for each town.