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Sale Of Satellite Imagery

Based on exclusive access to Earth observation satellite imagery with unique expertise from decades of experience, the Geo- Intelligence portfolio benefits customers globally. Taking advantage of a unique constellation of satellites: Pleiades, spot, TerraSAR-X and TanSEM-X (radar and optical satellites), the extensive portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain.

SPOT6 &7

  • High-resolution twin satellite [1.5m resolution]
  • 60km swath for large –area coverage as a standard
  • Especially designed to cover nationwide areas within a season
  • Secure data availability
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Pleiades 1A & B

  • Very-high-resolution twin satellite{[50cm products-20km swath]
  • Constellation for daily revisit anywhere on Earth
  • Highly reactive system
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TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X & PAZ

  • Radar satellite formation
  • Weather-independent- cloudy free guarantee
  • Various resolution[0.25m up to 40m resolution] & scene sizes
  • PAZ will be TerraSAR-Xtwin for improved SAR daily revisit capability
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DMC Constellation

  • Reliable solution [22m resolution]
  • Up to 650km wide swath for rapid coverage and revisit over large areas
  • Reactive 2m-resolution satellite
  • Daily revisit capacity with the same viewing condition
  • Change detection and rapid coverage
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  • High resolution imagery [2.5m]
  • Huge archive available since 2002
  • In operation until March 2015
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