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Subdivision surveys / Setting out of layouts

Subdivision surveys are used for subdividing a tract of land into smaller parcels, showing documentation and survey data on a map, in conformance with local ordinances. This would include the sizing and location of lots (set-backs & easements) and streets depending on the town and country planning’s regulations. These surveys are required by developers before seeking approval from The Town and Country Planning Department.

When developing a parcel of land, the developer requires a wide range of surveys. One would need boundary surveys of the subdivision before planning even begins in order to know the actual boundaries of the subdivision. The developer’s consultants require a topographic surveys or aerial mapping of the site if it’s large enough. This will aid them in the planning and preparing engineering designs of the site. The consultants may need other surveys as necessary to complete their plans. The government reviewing staff requires a survey to be submitted as part of the sketch and preliminary plan submittals, and the government approving board requires a subdivision plat prepared by a Licensed Surveyor before final approval of the subdivision. Once construction begins, the contractors and engineers will need construction staking of the engineering plans in the field. Furthermore, the approving government will require the setting of monuments on the corner of each individual lot before its sale.